May challenge – Day 7 – Laundry

Our laundry is one of those places in our house that is never tidy. There are piles in there everywhere. I use to have the washing sooo under control. These days I would rather spend time with the kids than sorting washing and laundry.

Very slowly we are putting some systems back in place, like with our school uniforms.

I am completing this task on day 8 & I am happy to say a medium bag of used bottles, sprays, sock clips?, old sponges, rags as well as washing to be done was all cleared out of the laundry.


The floor was vacuumed in there and I even set the steam mop onto it with some wonderful clove oil in the water. You cant quite see but the floor was the new floorobe from our bedroom.

I would love to redesign my laundry, with a folding bench and more usable cupboard spaces. The cupboard under the sink is never used, as is the top shelf in my high cupboard as it is too high.. I think I might have a play on the Bunnings laundry planner, as it is free to dream.


But as of now my laundry is cleaned and sorted for another day, my washing is catching up and Day 7 is now complete.

How does your laundry look?


May challenge – Day 3 – Kitchen bench

I dont know about in your house but in ours we have shortened or bench and yet it still has this magnetic force on it that makes everything get drawn to it. Books, homework, magazines, containers, hair ties, drinking cups… Infact anything..


All of these things already have their own homes but have escaped to make our breakfast bar completely full and unable to be used. It seems sooo much easier to dump things there and to put them away. We are all guilty of this..

A quick collection and re group and things are returned to place and the bench can even be wiped down.

It is much nicer to now walk in, clear out the front, sorted entrance and a fresh cleared bench.

I once again had a small bag that I tossed with random unwanted papers.
I sorted so bills to be filed.
Pens into the drawer.
Toys in the right rooms.
School notices on our notice board and calendar inside my pantry.
Brushes and hair ties to the bathroom.


How did you go finding 1 thing to toss today? What did you toss?

May challenge – Day 2 – Entrance area

At the moment I have had a collection area where we have been putting clothes that Miss 7 & I have been sorting. She is at a change over age and so this pile at the moment grows fast. She has been given a variety of clothes, some sligtly bigger but she loves them all and wants to wear them NOW!! So because of this the area at our entrance has gone ferral.

I also have a shoe cabinet there but it also isnt holding the shoes in it, they seem to of escaped.

This is the Old look of this same area 12 months ago..

I must say it makes a difference now having a tidied front.
A cleaned off door mat.
A tidy organised entrance.



I have tossed from here
A bag of clothes to pass on
A dance outfit to pass onto a girl in our sons class to encourage her to dance
A bag of crap?
I have put all my recipe books together in a plastic box(need to sort them and find a new home)
I have a place for our caps, in the box on the floor
I also tossed a couple of pairs of shoes
I vacuumed up gallion dead flying ants

What did you de clutter today?

May Challenge Master List

For all of you joining me this May and tossing, de cluttering, gifting, what ever it is with 1 item a day aiming for 31 less items at the end of May.
Here is the master list to keep you on track.

My My Challenge

Day 1 – Out side your front door, porch area

Day 2 – Entrance area

Day 3 – Kitchen bench

Day 4 – Utensil Drawer

Day 5 – Plastics Drawer

Day 6 – Option day – Pantry or Kitchen Cupboards

Day 7 – Laundry

Day 7 – Toys

Day 8 – Linen cupboard

Aprils Organize-athon FULL LIST

Complete List For Michele Connolly Organize-athon

Day 1 – Declutter Your Living Area

Day 2 – Clear Out Your Hanging Closet – Post Done posted on Blog

Day 3 – Organise Your Kitchen Utensils

Day 4 – Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinets

Day 5 – Organise Your Household Information Centre

Day 6 – Freshen Up Your Crockery & Glassware

Day 7 – Organise Your Books, DVD’s and/or CD’s

Up until here have been blogged and commented on blog to her.

Day 8 – Organise Your Linen Closet – Post Done Posted on blog

Day 9 – Organise Your Laundry – Post Done posted on blog

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Day 30 – Get Organized Mindset Shift #2: Make It A Habit To Avoid Clutter Post Done Posted on Blog

Day 29 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 29 Get Organised – Mindset Shift #1 Adopt OCI-OGO

I have always thought that being sorted is just something that people are either born to do or they dont. Kind of like you cant teach and old dog new tricks, but at the start of the year I know I keep talking about this BUT my Mind shifted.

I was even talking about this with someone yesterday. My change in mindset. Starting from the absolute, complete, devastation of the floods in southern Queensland. How people lost everything with out a chance to think. After then packing up a bunch of things to donate to them.

  • Toys
  • Kids Clothes
  • My Clothes
  • Sheets & Towels

I didnt miss a single thing!!! Then our own cyclone came. It really was about keeping our entire family safe nothing about what we had. We were willing in the worst case, to of lost all and to still have the comfort of each & every family member to hug and rebuild with..

Since then I have lost my shopping bug (mind you this has SAVED me LOADS of $$) Each time I go to buy something I think twice about the use of it and the reason to be buying it. In most cases I am now only buying the things that are truly needed. I do think I use to Shop as a Hobby – so maybe changing to blogging has been a really great thing – as it keeps me at home & saves me money 😉

With a change in mindset you need to ensure that you have a constant reminder to keep on top of things otherwise it is so easy to retreat back to where you were…

But very very slowly I am GETTING SORTED !! Each Day As It Comes – I am one more step closer and I hope you are also ?

Day 28 – 30×5 Organize-athon

The last doing day of this Challenge is Day 28 – Organise your Grooming Supplies

When doing my bathroom drawers I did infact make sure I did the entire lot. The 3 drawers and the cupboard to the side. All supplies were sorted, tossed and thinned out. This is all still in a lovely orderly manner HOWEVER it is the top of the vanity that gets OUT OF CONTROL.

I need to practic each morning just stopping, placing things away and clearing off this space.

This doesnt take long but I still seem to be on the run and just leave things where they drop….

What do your Grooming Supplies look like?