Day 20 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 20 is one that is done EACH & EVERY week in our house.

Organise Your Fridge

Each week I put this on my Weekly Planner  (I will promise to get back to these once April is finished, just finding it hard to do all AND have school holidays). This is done for me on a Tuesday night as this is Bin Night. Trust me I have also been known on these nights to sneak down the street to fit things in other bins if it wont fit in ours…. my neighbour now when he goes on holidays leaves me his BIN to mind !!! while his dogs go to the kennels !!

Time to check out what science experiments I have created & toss out and wonder why we keep the following

  • Less than 1/2 a tomato
  • The last mouth full of milk
  • The last slice of cheese that has had the lid off it and has started to dry up
  • Last 1/4 of an almost eaten sausage roll
  • Left over dinner from last Wednesday – I know this from the meals being written on the calendar!!

Since doing my Meal Planning and checking what is actually in the fridge, it has been nice to know what I have and also where they live in the fridge. Gone are all the 12 month old 1/2 opened bottles of curry paste that night kill you rather than feed you, gone are the tubes of herbs that are green from mould, gone are the once used and not liked sauces & dressings & gone are the flat bottles of lemonade.

I have taken on an idea that I thought was strange from my Mother In Law. She puts tea towels on the shelves in her fridge…. mmmm…. this was an odd idea to me until one day I laid down an extra bottle of milk on a shelf. After I went back to the fridge an hour or so later and found milk EVERY where from it leaking, I decided to give her idea a go. Her reasoning is that when you clean out your fridge you just take these tea towel out and they catch all drips, drops, spills and dribbles that happens in all fridges. A quick wipe. Lay a fresh set of tea towels down and the fridge is sorted.

Shhhhh dont tell my MIL but I brought 2 fresh packs of tea towels to then use in my fridge and even now I line the veggie drawers with one each and it is so very simple & quick to clean.

We still have this pile of things in the top of the fridge that DH uses in things that he cooks….. they are all every so slightly different but apparently very important, so I just check the dates regularly and toss them when due 😉

What have you got growing in your fridge?? 

Photos to follow


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