Day 24 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Organise your Bedside Area – Day 24

I keep feeling like I am opening Pandora’s Box or confessing my sins at church. But I do know that I have a choice as to what I write on here and whether it commented on or spoken about this is the real part of the person that I am. So here goes with the bedroom “stuff”

I have often read that your bedroom should be clutter free allowing for a relaxed sanctuary for you to relax in and sleep with ease.  A place that is your own space….

WELL – I will describe what I can see around me in my bedroom

  • Clothes to be washed
  • Fishing rods & lures
  • Books, a pile of kids books and a book I am reading
  • TOYS !!! both sides of the bed
  • A Pink sofa couch
  • A Blue sofa couch
  • Clutter
  • A bag of rubbish to go out
  • mmmmmmmmmmm

How did I go ??? Paint a BAD enough picture??

The kids love having their own rooms but they do get scared in the middle of the night. They have a couch that I guess we have made them feel way to comfortable on and some time from midnight till sunrise they wander in, go to the loo in our en suite and snuggle onto their couches. I am not too concerned about this as I know in years not too far away they will not want to be snuggled in mum and dads room – so I figure, while they are still young they can do what makes them feel right…

So in our room there is no Bedside Area as these 2 couches take up this area. However there is some serious clearing up that needs to happen to get things back to an orderly fashion.

The following

  • Each morning when I make my bed I have been asking them to not only make their main beds but they also now make their couches. Maybe this might one day make them not want to sleep there.
  • Each evening before they go to bed – our room is always forgotten so they have been reminded that the toys in the bed room also need to be cleared

I have pictures to follow on the floorobe and the finding of the carpet – doesnt take much but picking up and keeping on top of the areas each day makes for a clear and nice room to come into to rest in.

What does your bedroom look like – I am sure you dont have room invaders or do you ?


2 thoughts on “Day 24 – 30×5 Organize-athon

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  2. Our bedroom is a bit miss matched, i have always wanted a theme in our room but i havent been able to master one yet…. Our DS 3yrs invades our room, i swear his body clock has timed in with my husbands. My husband gets up at 3am and 8 out of 10 times my DS will be in my bed no longer then 5mins after my husband has left. Usually this wouldnt bother me but when it is time for me to get up and have my morning shower it wakes my DS therefor i dont get a peacefull morning shower.

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