May challenge – Day 3 – Kitchen bench

I dont know about in your house but in ours we have shortened or bench and yet it still has this magnetic force on it that makes everything get drawn to it. Books, homework, magazines, containers, hair ties, drinking cups… Infact anything..


All of these things already have their own homes but have escaped to make our breakfast bar completely full and unable to be used. It seems sooo much easier to dump things there and to put them away. We are all guilty of this..

A quick collection and re group and things are returned to place and the bench can even be wiped down.

It is much nicer to now walk in, clear out the front, sorted entrance and a fresh cleared bench.

I once again had a small bag that I tossed with random unwanted papers.
I sorted so bills to be filed.
Pens into the drawer.
Toys in the right rooms.
School notices on our notice board and calendar inside my pantry.
Brushes and hair ties to the bathroom.


How did you go finding 1 thing to toss today? What did you toss?


2 thoughts on “May challenge – Day 3 – Kitchen bench

  1. The same thing happens on our kitchen island, probably because it’s the first flat surface when you enter our house from the garage.

    The thing I tossed today was books. I went through my ‘to read’ and already read stacks, sorted into keep and donate piles, put away the keep and put the donate stack in a box and into my trunk. Done! 🙂

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