Things I know… 31 August ’12

I use to do this link some time back but lost it…

I am sooooo glad that I found it again thanks to Jac – Common Chaos Chronicles

So here are some things this week That I Know…

I KNOW You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time


Regardless of the task, no matter how bit, you will get there if you are determined enough.
It has taken 6 looooong months to buy this boat, but things go back further than that for parts of this journey. Hurdles were thrown in my way, some very easy to glide over, others felt like I was in the middle of the battle field.
I think I am now chewing the final piece of THIS elephant…. And savouring the lessons it taught me.

I KNOW Always be prepared
In part of the process of purchasing this vessel, I contact the Privacy information centre and after a good 10 weeks and many many legal forms later and mind you over $500 in fees, I purchased a FULL history from the Transport department of every piece of paper ever lodged on the building and life of our boat. During this last week the bank requested specific information that with out this folder of paperwork, I would of been unable to fax the 32 PAGES of proof that they needed…!

I KNOW You dont need to run a marathon to be exhausted
Mentally I feel like I need to sit in a padded room for some time. Have my meals brought to me, my clothes ironed (I dont iron but ironed clothes would feel lovely) and just plug in my self to recharge…. We forget the strain we put ourselves under. We forget that stress and pressure are exhausting also.

I KNOW Nobody would of been able to of brought this boat but us
With all the drama involved, all of the struggles put before us, I KNOW nobody would of put in as much effort to keep moving forward as I did to ensure that this sale went through. Many would of stopped a long way back as it became very complicated.. Not me 😉

I KNOW That my page is like my security blanket
I read many pages, follow plenty and on some I see some horrid things. I love knowing that during my struggles with life, while stepping over my clothes piles, flicking out the kids uniforms to rewear or even just trying to find a clean cup in my sink that you all get it.
I love that if I dont know how to cook something some has the answer. I dont Google anymore, infact if someone asks me something I dont know I now say… I’ll put it on my page.. Someone will know and I am grateful to you all….

Thanks Always ~ Chelle xo


One thought on “Things I know… 31 August ’12

  1. Well done Chelle! Be proud of your efforts, I understand everything you’ve said, and can say we’ve been in similar situations and know that exhausted feeling. There will be ups and downs, but it’s all a great learning curve and life experiences. Then in the future you’ll look back and say “wow, look where we are now, and what we went through to get there”. And it will all then seem like a ripple in the ocean, the strains forgotten. Can’t wait to follow the rest of the journey xx Thinking of you.

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