Day 21 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Each week as well as looking through the fridge before doing my Meal Planner, I also take the time to search through the pantry. I have even been know to do a week of Eating from your Pantry – just to use things up and get them moving.

Day 21 Organize your Pantry

This use to hold many packets of THINGS that would remain in there and not be used – then when things started falling from the shelves I would need to pull EVERYTHING out and have the entire Woolworths in front of me only out of date.!!!

Once I started seeing this HUGE amount of waste I was tossing out that had been brought because it was cheap, brought because I got 2 for 1 or brought just in case… I was VERY happy that I was now taking the time to plan for many reasons.

  • I know what I have in the pantry to cook with
  • I plan what we are having not just eating things to use them up
  • I am saving money on eating what we have and not tossing food out

I also find that I have standard items that we use all the time and so I am creating my own shopping list from the basis of what is in the cupboard so that there is no double guessing.

At the start of this year when Cyclone Yasi was heading in people went CRAZY!!
It is like they dont have ANYTHING to eat and that if the shops arent open for a day they will starve. People were clearing off shelves and there was hardly anything to be brought – well so I am told. We had no power for 5 days and during this time we didnt need to go to the shops once. We went the day before it headed in for fresh milk & bread…. then the gourmet meals began. We had things to put together for great planned meals that included eating our way through our seafood supplies in the freezer. So with a genset and a little planning not even the loss of power slowed down our eating, meals or cleared our shelves out!!

It was after this time that I was pleased with the change I was creating by just a little work each week. So tick this one off my list.

My pantry is sorted !!
It doesnt have Tupperware lined selves but it works,
is used regularly and has little waste from it.
How is your pantry ? 

Photos to follow


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