Thank you

As 2012 comes to an end it is time to reflect on life and all of the goals and tasks we have burdened on our shoulders. Some we ticked off, others we forgot and some will take a long time.


One of my tasks before this year ends is to thank each and everyone of you who has been part of my journey.

Some of you are very new and others of you have been around for the almost 2 years I have had this page.

Thank you for your support, your help, your understanding, your knowledge.
Thanks to those who comment, those who like comments and those of you who just read.. Thanks..

Sometimes opening up your private life is a hard thing, especially still keeping our life somewhat private. In some cases I giggles as the private me on facebook and the page me sometimes is like 2 completely different people with the things I write about.

Thank you also those of you who know me and respect my family by not commenting on things as much as you could at times also.. He he he

My gift back to you is that 2013 brings you joy happiness and health.

Cheers Chelle ~ xo


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