Day 22 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Declutter your Bag Day 22

I use to have a HUGE bag that held EVERYTHING in it but none of which was anything useful or needed. I would just find that i had a huge bunch of stuff that I carried around from point A to point B and if anything ever was placed into the void like my keys….. well good luck in finding them back fast.

I would still lose my keys, not know where my phone was and wonder if my wallet/purse was even in there…..

So I then one day decided that I would not have a bag. I have my keys & my phone. The other THINGS that I carry around were just for no reason.

So this declutter is an easy one for me. Mind you I do collect things in my wallet/purse every single day. So on a Friday each week I clear this out and ensure things are put into the right places, actioned or followed up.

  • Business receipts go to the workshop
  • Anything that is brought with a warranty ie DVD player – this is dated and placed into my BOK in Warranties section
  • Useless receipts for everyday items are tossed
  • Gold coins – when ever I have them hahaha are put into our Holiday Money Box
  • Medical bills are also put into a section in my BOK so that I can keep them all in one place to claim all at once

What does your bag look like??

Photo to follow


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