May challenge – Day 7 – Laundry

Our laundry is one of those places in our house that is never tidy. There are piles in there everywhere. I use to have the washing sooo under control. These days I would rather spend time with the kids than sorting washing and laundry.

Very slowly we are putting some systems back in place, like with our school uniforms.

I am completing this task on day 8 & I am happy to say a medium bag of used bottles, sprays, sock clips?, old sponges, rags as well as washing to be done was all cleared out of the laundry.


The floor was vacuumed in there and I even set the steam mop onto it with some wonderful clove oil in the water. You cant quite see but the floor was the new floorobe from our bedroom.

I would love to redesign my laundry, with a folding bench and more usable cupboard spaces. The cupboard under the sink is never used, as is the top shelf in my high cupboard as it is too high.. I think I might have a play on the Bunnings laundry planner, as it is free to dream.


But as of now my laundry is cleaned and sorted for another day, my washing is catching up and Day 7 is now complete.

How does your laundry look?


2 thoughts on “May challenge – Day 7 – Laundry

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  2. Looking Awesome!
    You’re right, this room is one which is overlooked in our house also. I have the luxury of shutting the door, and do, often. lol About a year ago we rethought the layout of the room and the amount of storage that was needed and it works much better now. I still need to shut the door but not as often.

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