Day 11 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 10 Garage is going to be a part of every day I think until Day 30 – but today is about Day 11

Organise your Shoes

I have ordered a new shoe rack from Howards but of course – it is new stock, they only had the display one and in North Queensland some times we are the very bottom of the shipping pile. Oh and I forgot to say, I wanted it in white, which is NOT the colour that was on display…. SO Mid May I will update this once this arrives, but until then….

Our shoes use to live in the bottom of the wardrobe. But out of sight out of mind. There soon ended up being more shoes lined up at the front door than any where …. So it was time to do a few things

  1. Toss out all the bad fitting, blister causing shoes GONE
  2. Toss out all the wrecked soled shoes, the broken buckle shoes GONE
  3. Toss out the shoes worn once a year or less due to their odd style or colour GONE

I came back to the 20-80 rule – 20 % of your things are used 80% of the time…..

I decided on the following

  • Black work shoes
  • Navy work shoes
  • Slip on shoes with toes – as I am bad with hurting my feet….
  • Water sand shoes for the reef, to walk on coral
  • Rubber shoes for wet weather
  • Dance Shoes
  • Black High boots
  • Black nice high heels

Even as I do this list I think I have too many – but culled.

There is a rack at the front door where we all keep our shoes. I dont have a problem with shoes on in the house but it is just not what people do up here. Most people take them off at the front door. So for us I keep this rack by the door where we can put them on and go to work, school or play as we walk out the door.

Where are your shoes stored or where do they live ?


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