Things I know this week

WoW what a full on Every moment filled… Kinda week end this last one has just been.

Over the past few days I have worked out that this is what I know.

I know that feeling Sea Sick is very similar to feeling hung over..
The disorientation and the out of control dizziness is not nice..
The main difference is that with a hangover, it is normally joined with a thumping head ache..
So to be honest I am in no hurry to have either, Sea sickness or a Hangover in the near future..
So I will endeavour to add soda water to my wine and only venture out in calm seas.

I know that emptying the bottom drawer of the dishwasher first works best.
Normally in the top drawer I have my plastic drinking cups, of which these have a lip on the bottom of them.
So if I empty the top drawer first I spill a bunch of uncleared dishwater over the bottom level, making them wet.
So I work from bottom up..

I know that doing bulk washing at the laundromatt works well for me.
I get 5, 6 maybe 7 loads all at once, finished in 25 minutes.
I then get to dry them in 16 or 32 minutes.
So within an hour I have done what normally takes me days and days…
I also enjoy the adventure of going there.

I know that I LOVE ordering my groceries on line for a wake up early morning knock at the door.
I know the delivery costs money but I have been putting together a pantry list as well I caught up on my washing machine & dishwasher supplies, so this weeks order cost $5 in delivery. So for the cost of a takeaway coffee my shopping was done.
I find less impulse buys & definately less grocery handling.
Woolies or Coles… Love them both..

I know that now dancing has finished for the year, I will over indulge & the first few weeks will kill me to return.
So I am thinking, only THINKING mind you.. Of tackling the Couch to 5kms using the app on my phone..!
Has anyone tried this? I spoke to a school mum yesterday who used this and loved it. She now runs for 40 minutes..
I am the kind who run if missing a bus or who runs if I need to save my kids from danger..

I know that I am going to sit down next week and put a plan in place for the holidays.
Free events mixed with home fun with the odd excursion type day at a recreation centre?
I will need to balance 1 day at work each week also some how. I guess this is where having your own business really helps.
How do you plan your school holidays?

These are the things I know this week.


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