Weekly Planner June 5-11

Lately I have been running with regular updates and posts direct to my Facebook Fan Pan. If you have not LIKED that page then maybe you need to do so to keep up with my ramblings…. Mind you what has also happened is that I flick from the main computer in the back room to the laptop that has almost found itself a place on the living room coffee table. With 2 small kids it is best to do things on the run, so finding time to put a few lines in is EASY … to spend a hour typing out, rereading, editing and then loading a post – is truely some thing of the impossible at times.. I almost do need to pull out the ref whistle but it would be to call TIME OUT so that I can fit it in..

Well this comes and goes & I can tell when it is needed as the house starts to hit the unlivable status of an Olympic sport with the Hop Step and Jump to get from room to room …. But here is it ..


Weekly Plan May 15-21

I think this week is the FIRST ever week I have released this before the week has already begun !!

I hope this helps you put your house in order for the week ahead.

Weekly Plan Week 13

For those of you who have done work on your Book Of Knowledge you will now see how this entire sheet is the key to keeping the house humming along on automatic with the cleaning. Never again should you have to do the night mare clean up – it should all be quite easy. The reason for this is that you are doing tasks each and every day.

For those of you who have not read these posts on the BOK you can find the summary here

Weekly Plan – Week 11

Remember if this doesnt work for you at least you can use this as the base to begin with.

Living in the Tropics we have ceiling fans that run 24/7 and it is not until such time as they need to be turned off to not blow birthday candles out, or when you have no power from a cyclone – that you look and go YUCK!!! I  have realised that I have not included these on my listings… What other jobs do you do in your house that you have added to your own lists?

Weekly Plan – Week 9

With this weeks plan – I have broken it up into areas or zones. This might also help you with cleaning and sorting once I put together my checklists for each room. Let me know what you are thinking of these lists – remember this is to go on the fridge for the week – or into a folder on your bench so you can check these things off as you go.

They are simply a reminder – nothing more – if it works for you, that is great, if they dont that is fine also.

New Weekly Plan – Starting at week 8

This week I have been reading all kinds of blogs, joined all kinds of lists and subscriptions and even paid for a yearly planner full of cleaning and sorting lists…..

From all this I have put together a chart that I am going to try and work with over the next  few weeks as a trial.
My thoughts are if I have some thing to jolt my mind or to tick off with tasks daily or even for the week then I will be able to get started…

I would love to know your thoughts on this…

I will be placing this into a ring binder onto my bench that I will be starting called The Sims Book of Knowledge.
I will also be printing out this March Calendar Page  from The Organised Housewife.

This way I will be able to plan my month in advance and have it right where I will be checking it every day.
I am hoping with these 2 things as a start that I “shouldnt” be missing any March events, either socially or around the house.