Day 16 – 30×5 Organize-athon

I knew when I started to write this blog that I would be opening my self up to sides of me that people dont know. My sister & my friends giggle & laugh as does my Husband as they never knew some of the things I write about. Even the 6 year old each time I pick up the camera (which is EVERY DAY) says to my sister – “she is such a blogger”!! For example I would say that I am a 50’s housewife lost inside a modern body. I have always felt that saying like – the children should be seen and not heard is so true – but so NOT practiced in our house. You can hear the children coming from MILES away. I like nothing more than for my husband to be finally liking what I cook – it is very rewarding to just WHIP up desert or a yummy dinner. This part is even shicking my family – because in the past I am sure no body was ever game to eat what I make incase I did put poison in but by mistake…..

I do try to be mindful about what & how I write as I have been told – Airing your dirty laundry is not good in public.

This post is now all about my bad, ripped, wreaked & holey !! ( how does this happen ) yes the condition and state of my UNDERWEAR!! mmmm I am a little prudey so lets see how I go here.

To be honest I have never been a matching bra & knickers type chick. I would LOVE to be but I really have been so unorganised with life that the bra and the knickers would never be washed together lead a lone placed in the same place !!! I am way too practical for that.

  • $100 on new underwear…??????
  • If it is for DH – the lights go off, he doesnt see it & it is taken off  – what a waste in my mind
  • SO not practical !!!

Nice underwear is lacey, scratch scratch scratch
Low cut sitting under the rolls and bumps and bits and not right
So Not practical

I really am a boring cotton hi cut seamless knickers type chick – in

  • Black
  • Beige
  • White

My bras are also so very practical – sports bras, or t-shirt type in the same colours

Some time ago I went through and tossed out most of my knickers mmmmmmm

  • Poor fitting
  • Stained
  • OLD
  • Holey !!!!

Now dont get me wrong I do have a very nice RED set of underwear – this being the colour for DH!!
With this bra I also brought several pairs of the knickers in the different styles….

So at the moment I have a fairly new range of underwear but after writing this blog – which I am unsure if I will edit or just post !!! I am thinking that I may need to get a few more matching sets as it doesn make you feel nice with the right underwear..!! Underwear is sorted !!

Thank for Day 16

Organise your Underwear

Here is a question – my knickers I change every day – should I do this also with my bra..??


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