Day 23 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Organise your Goals – Day 23

I guess with writing a blog this is about sorting out what you want to achieve and then creating them..? So in some way I guess these are a little organised but as you would see from time to time – some times the list needs to be reassessed and pulled back in line to get things back on track.

Since Jan I have been writing this and my first New Years resolution was to blog about a picture every day for a year !! This soon disappeared out the window when the stories got bigger and bigger about the photos and the blog began.. So here are some of my thoughts when I first started this blog. See here

It is nice to look back and see some of these being done

  • Become more organised around the house TICK
  • Set meal plans each week – I would be lost with out doing this TICK
  • Spend more time enjoying the kids – TICK – I now work only school hours 3 days
  • Time out with my sister and friends…. I am bad at me time but slowly getting there  – NO TICK YET

Here are some other goals

  • Send off the promised prize to my follower that will be feeling forgotten who isnt 😦
  • Complete this Organise-athon 30 days of posting, cleaning, clearing, photos, during Easter & school holidays with the kids around AND DH away for most of this time while I stress out
  • I want to do posts a week in advanced for the blog so I have back up and I am not stressed by the fun of it
  • Plan a FAMILY holiday for the second half of the year

I do like goals to be achieveable as with out being able to strive for them and tick them off you start to lose hope.

What are some of your goals ?


3 thoughts on “Day 23 – 30×5 Organize-athon

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  2. Wow… I think we are sharing a similar journey.
    I too had the intention of preparing blogs in advance, so that I could meet my goal of publishing every day…. but it didn’t happen. Now I’m lucky if I keep to my original planned schedule.
    But, no stress. It’s ok to miss a day or two. No one will mind… that’s what I have learnt by trying to keep to my original goal.
    Allow our goals to be fleeexxiibbbllee. And as you say.. Enjoy the fun of it.
    Enjoy your journey.
    Jo Behlau

    • Yes at night I sit in the hall way to put the kids asleep – I am one of these mothers who just does this and it works for me.
      I read them stories then we talk and then I tap away on the computer – but some nights I have been known to fall asleep in the hallway, some times I do posts and some times I purely play games on FB or chat to my sister…..
      But I do get caught up with the stress and chaos that life brings and so I also need to find the time in there to declutter my thoughts and mind….
      I look forward to sharing our journeys together. Chelle

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