May Challenge Master List

For all of you joining me this May and tossing, de cluttering, gifting, what ever it is with 1 item a day aiming for 31 less items at the end of May.
Here is the master list to keep you on track.

My My Challenge

Day 1 – Out side your front door, porch area

Day 2 – Entrance area

Day 3 – Kitchen bench

Day 4 – Utensil Drawer

Day 5 – Plastics Drawer

Day 6 – Option day – Pantry or Kitchen Cupboards

Day 7 – Laundry

Day 7 – Toys

Day 8 – Linen cupboard


One thought on “May Challenge Master List

  1. Looking Awesome!
    You’re right, this room is one which is overlooked in our house also. I have the luxury of shutting the door, and do, often. lol About a year ago we rethought the layout of the room and the amount of storage that was needed and it works much better now. I still need to shut the door but not as often. 😉

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