Day 29 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 29 Get Organised – Mindset Shift #1 Adopt OCI-OGO

I have always thought that being sorted is just something that people are either born to do or they dont. Kind of like you cant teach and old dog new tricks, but at the start of the year I know I keep talking about this BUT my Mind shifted.

I was even talking about this with someone yesterday. My change in mindset. Starting from the absolute, complete, devastation of the floods in southern Queensland. How people lost everything with out a chance to think. After then packing up a bunch of things to donate to them.

  • Toys
  • Kids Clothes
  • My Clothes
  • Sheets & Towels

I didnt miss a single thing!!! Then our own cyclone came. It really was about keeping our entire family safe nothing about what we had. We were willing in the worst case, to of lost all and to still have the comfort of each & every family member to hug and rebuild with..

Since then I have lost my shopping bug (mind you this has SAVED me LOADS of $$) Each time I go to buy something I think twice about the use of it and the reason to be buying it. In most cases I am now only buying the things that are truly needed. I do think I use to Shop as a Hobby – so maybe changing to blogging has been a really great thing – as it keeps me at home & saves me money 😉

With a change in mindset you need to ensure that you have a constant reminder to keep on top of things otherwise it is so easy to retreat back to where you were…

But very very slowly I am GETTING SORTED !! Each Day As It Comes – I am one more step closer and I hope you are also ?


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