Day 14 – 30×5 Organize-athon

PAPERWORK !! Being a Book keeper this is right in my scope…  I love nothing better than to have pile around me that I can sort, shred and put in the right places to retrieve later quickly and easily as need be.

Day 14 Organise your Paperwork

I will promise you that I will take my camera to the workshop for some great shots on the filing systems we have created there and as well I will post about it all and how it works.

However at home the paperwork is teeny tiny !!

I have a Finance Folder that lives with my Book Of Knowledge. I put all bills that come in straight into here with the newest on top. This stops the piles of bills and paper work laying around the place.

Any dates or events that are important – on the calendar they go.

Any paperwork like Menus, Tuckshop list, Phone numbers goes into my Book Of Knowledge.

Each Monday when home I look in my Finance Folder and pay any bills due, or make any appointments needed that are noted in there with dates? Once paid I mark them with the payment source and the date in case needed to refer to. I then file them in a Bills Paid folder that is down on my desk. I file them all under the month paid and only keep them for 12 months unless related to TAX or the business then they will mostly need to be at the workshop.

I will give you more details on these things with templates in the weeks to come.

Is your paperwork sorted ??


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