The Reality of Motherhood

Tonight on my Facebook page I wrote out my resignation to our kids. A number of reasons triggered this but here are a few that brings home the reality of Motherhood with out the fairy dust & sparkly shine of the happy times.


I wish I was the one always asking what was for dinner.
Having someone care for my dietary needs & cook for me.
Know what was to be served, smelt it cooking, yet when it is served up, changed my mind. Thinking that I have my own live in chef to suit my desires and tastes.

I wish I could, even though endlessly asked to put my clothes in the wash baskets, could spread out my outfit from the front door, right through to the pool gate…
Oh yeah ensuring that my socks are taken off at different ends of the house, making that sock pairing even more challenging.

I wish that I could wait till the 3rd, 4th or even 5th time of being asked to do something before it really needed to be done.

I wish I could endlessly complain about how little my sibling does. Or fight endlessly with my sibling, always blaming them for starting it.

Oh yeah….. And bed time… I wish firstly that I was TOLD to go to bed early as I wouldnt argue. But agruing about going to bed seems to be sooooooo much fun. Then dont forget it is my given right to be as grumpy as all in the morning as I am sooooo tired and so I will make getting ready for school a nightmare.

And dont go there about the telly…. Firstly I would like to just watch one entire show that I chose…. But in this house we have remote control battles and channel wars…..

Manners… Infact I wish I could be rude and say nasty things out loud instead of keeping them in my head… I wish I could be the nasty family bully instead of the children…

So yes tonight my patience is thin. My soft calm voice got angry but neither mattered…
So time out in my room for me….

So tomorrow I am taking off my Mary Poppins rosey hat and resigning.
I am sure after a really nice sleep…. Oh yes and dont even THINK of sneaking into our bed…. That I will retract this… But for tonight I am done…. This is it, I am finished……
My mummy hat is off…..


3 thoughts on “The Reality of Motherhood

  1. It was fate that I didn’t read this post until now. I have had the worst, day, week, month with the kids. Tonight I am feeling so deflated. I need to hear that someone else had the same issues. I hope yours gets better, and you can write about it, so that I know mine might get better too.

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