Day 5 – 30×5 Organize-athon

A little behind in clearing, decluttering but more so posting about them.

In some very strange way I am wanting to do these as I go so that I can have proof as to what I have completed. I did say at the start of this that I am such a Great Starter and yet a SHOCKING finisher…. so with school holidays here it is time to catch on up.

Day 5 – Organise your Household Information Centre

My bench is a constant collection of paperwork from all corners of the country and covering all aspects of our lives, personal, kids, business, family, oh & then there is the collection of SAVED junk mail…..

So to become more on top of this I have started to implement a few things to help already:

But then there is the REAL magnetic attraction of our house – THE FRIDGE DOOR!!

I have on our fridge a family calendar that has room to write each of our names in and gives us all one section per day for each month of the year. ALL in One.

This calendar use to live in the toilet – weird place I know but we would always know what was happening with peoples birthdays each day – but the other things would be forgotten – so it has migrated to the fridge front. It is on this that EVERYTHING is written

  • Appointments
  • School events
  • Holidays – especially DH’s fishing ones
  • Afterschool activities
  • Parties
  • Phone numbers

This is what our week works around. If there is a call to go to dinner – you are normally in the kitchen taking the call – so a quick look will let me know straight away if you are already doing some thing or not. It has even over taken my diary – as that is my personal information – this calendar is controls the FAMILY and involves us all.

It has a pocket down the bottom that I put stickers in for our Reward Charts & pens in to write with. This make it easy to write a note on it or jot down a number any time, or to write on lunch bags or containers as there is even a permanent pen in there 😉


Some times things seem to be more important than others & so they end up placed around this calendar and end up covering the fridge in STUFF.

A quick regroup of these things, some up dates on the calendar, tossing some other things & I have it back under control.

Hows the front of your Fridge, Bench or Information Centre look ?


3 thoughts on “Day 5 – 30×5 Organize-athon

    • They are around – you just have to look hard for them.
      I never use to use a line for us all but as time goes on each of us has our own things to fill in, even DH.

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