Cooking – Tiramisu



With yesterday being my sisters birthday & with my new cooking skills in place I thought I would see if I could surprise her with her chosen cake.
We dont “do” birthday presents & up till this year we have ALWAYS had the Cheesecake shop cheesecakes. It has been like a birthday tradition.

Of course when I asked my sister what cake she wanted and was hit with Tiramisu… I thought ok.. Mmmmmm

Fortunately in the May edition of Better Homes and Gardens mag it was there..

Looked simple enough..

Except the part that I had no idea of Brandy… Having never tasted it. As well as Mascapone… Thinking I knew where to find this but what I found was Marzipane… Mmmmmm
So after finding out that I needed to be in the cheese section… ? I found what I was after..

So Tiramisu..

I will say it is easy..

Mix a few things together.. Dip a few biscuits, layer them, whip up the creamy stuff till, stiff, layer, set.. Done..


I am hoping you can read this… If not let me know and I will type it out.

I made mine, wrapped it up and left it over night..


The next day it was perfect.
Make sure your ganache cools enough in the fridge so that it doesnt run down the sides.




Cooking – Rasberry mini cupcakes

I have been seeing lots of photos on Pinterest about using Natural yoghurt to cook with.
When chatting to my sister one of her kids favorite muffins was made with natural yoghurt with out them knowing yet loving them..

So yesterday I experimented!

I use to experiment before I learnt that you needed to actually read but more so follow recipes and it was awful!

So here is what I did..

1 vanilla cake mix.. 60c
1 cup of natural yoghurt
1/2 cup of frozen rasberries


I blended up the yoghurt and rasberries then added this to the dry mixture..
Placed it in the patty pans and cooked on 180 for 12 minutes..

Not too bad at all..

You could mix in the yoghurt and then swirl the fruit through but I did it all together. They are also a very nice natural pink colour..

Has anyone else done something like this? I would love to hear?

Cooking – Winter Soup

With winter aproaching I thought it was time to make a big pot of healthy soup..


1kg of bacon bones from Woolies deli
1 pre packed soup mix of veggies that I chopped very very small
1/2 bag of dried soup mix
1 litre of beef stock
2 litres of water
1 tbsp of crushed garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh chopped parsley

All into the pot on simmer for 2 hours, until meat falls of the bone.
All dried legumes are cooked. All veggies are soft..


My Birthday Cake

Since I have started cooking this year I thought I would break our normal Cheesecake tradition and make my own cake this year.

I wanted to make something simple yet pretty..

Thanks to Betty Crocker this was so easy to do.


I made the mixture as per the packet and then seperated it into 4 bowls. To each bowl I added a few drops of colours.
Red. Pink. Purple. Yellow.

With these bowls I then added one at a time to the baking dish to create a rainbow effect when cut.


I wanted to use white kit kats around the outside but couldnt find them… So I made my own white chocolate shards..
I used pink coloured frosting, this helped keep the chocolate shars around the edge as well as the sprinkles and smarties on top.



It was perfectly pretty, pink and girly..


With the surprise rainbow inside..

What do you think of my cake?

Cooking ~ Sausage rolls homemade

After watching Diary of a SAHM version of how she makes sausage rolls for her family, I thought I could give this ago.

I used Short crust pastry.. Only because this is different from the standard Puff pastry. I used Pampas sheets.. Simple and easy to use.


I used sausage mince x 2, bbq sauce, garlic, fresh thyme and not pictured but I grated in a lonely old zucchini..


All of these things were mixed together in a mixing bowl. You can grate in any veggies, or add as many flavours as you like.


Lay them on your pastry. I have fit 2 on each sheet, slicing the pastry down the centre.


I used a mixture of egg and milk wash to seal the edges as well as to wash across the top to help brown. Make sure you put vent holes in to allow steam to leave so your sausage rolls dont split.
I put mine in 200′ oven for about 30 minutes, till they start to make you hungry from the smell and look golden brown.


I have frozen these in after they were cooked. This gives us a quick meal that can be heated quickly and eatten straight away.
What do you put in your homemade sausage rolls?

Cooking ~ANZAC Slice

Being ANZAC Day I wanted something a little different from the cookies that are baked today.

Thanks to a friend of mine Karen who passed on her slice recipe. I then went google searching. This one is very similar but with added flour and chocolate on top.

It was simple and easy and tastes just like the cookies..

1 cup of rolled oats
1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of desicated coconut
1/2 cup of plain flour

Add these dry ingredients together and make a well.

Melt 125 gr of butter
2 tablespoons of golden syrup over a low heat

Pour this into the dry ingredients well & stir to combine.


Press into a baking tray.
Cook on 180 ‘ for 20 minutes


Once out of the oven top with melted chocolate & set in the fridge.


Once mine came out of the oven and I poured the melted chocolate on top I then scored the slice to ensure easy slicing when set.


Cooking ~ Chocolate Tart



This recipe is quite a simple one yet it’s taste is golden..

It is a rich thick chocolate pie that can be served with creama dnprehaps a berry sauce…

My friend Jasmine made it for us one night and has passed this on to me..

Once I got past dropping my cooked pastry case from the oven..


I then regrouped and used biscuit crumbs mixed with melted butter and pressed this into the bottom.. So fingers crossed there is some kind of base?

Here is how you make it
175 mls cream
75mls milk
200gr cooking chocolate – I used Lindt dark chocolate

In a pot on low to melt and mix.
I whisked mine the enter time.
Once mixed take off the heat to cool.

Once cooled add 1 egg and whisk through

Pour into pastry case and cook on 170 for 40 minutes untill cooked on edges and still wobbly in the middle.
As it cools it will set.


It is extrememly rich so very small slices will do..