Day 26 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 26 Declutter your Exercise & Sporting Equipment

I am sure I have said to you all before I am a great starter ………

DH sums me up like this – I WANT A BIKE – then I need

  • a new helmet
  • cycling shoes
  • cycling clothes
  • new drink bottle
  • seat for the kids
  • a trailer for the kids
  • bike rack for the car
  • maybe even a new ipod to listen to when riding the bike

Once I have brought everything and more possible to even think about riding the bike I then stop this fad & ALL of these things will sit in the corner and never be used.

As for exercise equipment – I have got better with time. I now do dancing and have done for over 12 months. All I need for this is the dancing shoes and I do have dancing clothes. So my sports equipment is pretty limited these days and very organised.

I did find though when sorting the videos a FULL collection of fitness tapes to toss out. I had SOOO many …

  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Pump
  • Super Tummies

I am still cuddly with a well fed keg rather than a 6 pack and toned & I am far from the relaxed mind of a stressless life… So these didnt work very well did they 😉

What sports equipment do you have to sort ?


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