Things I know… 16th September 2012

Here is what I know lately

I know that sometimes I feel too old too dance
Having just done our Term 3 dance concert today, sometimes I think I am younger than I am. It was Tribal, this term, but my description was Rave. Pumped up EXTREME energy like no other, sweat pouring, breath taking type super high energy dance. It was Where have you been Rhianna. This term I felt every bit my 38 & infact there were moments during this term where I could not move from my breathless flat position on the floor. Today this dance was thumped out hard. I felt like I was the old dog trying to keep up with the pup. I was up there, dont get me wrong…. But oh boy oh boy did it kill me… I guess some people go to gym, some people play tennis….. I dance!

I know you can never have too much glitter
Today we all shone and sparkled in the sun light. It was like we were all part of the Cullan Vampire Clan. When we returned home there were sparkles to be seen every where, on bench tops, on the tiles and on the clothes to be washed… It is the fun part of dance.

I do know that Glitter spray should never be mistaken for Impulse spray
This morning while in a hurry to do scgool drop off and get to work on time, I reach for what I thought was my under arm spray only seconds later as the air filled with the tiny sparkly particles that at close range to my arm pit headed in ALL direction, realised that it was the wrong can! It had covered my arm pit as well as my clothes…..
So my rush, became rushier….. Off with that top, scrubbed my arm pit with the face cloth and found another top to wear…. Completely frazzled I had a VERY BAD NOT HAPPY JAN glitter moment!

I know that having a medicine plan helps me feel good
I have put a few key things in place, here are some of my secrets
1. I always ensure that I have a few single tablets in my wallet for the mornings that I forget my medication… As it is the moment you forget, that is the moment you start to feel shit.. So I always have back up.
2. I keep my medication and my scripts in with my morning coffee cups.. Coffee tablet.. Easy.
3. In the same place I keep my scripts, so I know where they are.
4. When I get a script filled I also do 2 scripts at once so I have back up.

These are a few things I know this week..


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