Happy 2013 Time for a New Start


Another year has very quickily zipped past & very often we forget the wonderful moments that made us smile, catch our breath with joy, want to cry with happiness…
We all would of had those momement where we caught our breath wondering if we would make it, where we remembered life is too short, where we cried from the struggles life delivered.

Today on New Years Eve, it is a time to open a fresh chapter. Not to ever forget the past but for new lessons to come, new experiences to live and new memories to create.

This year I am not going to promise myself the world only to be disappointed in not finishing things off. I am going to TRY and low my own expectations of myself.. Here is my list for 2013..

I am going to celebrate the good things with my Grateful Jar.. Writing a quick note of the good events that either myself or family member has done so on New Years Eve 2013 we can remember and enjoy the great year it was.

I am going to take off my own pressures at dancing & believe in myself.. I love to dance but often I am way too hard on myself instead of enjoying it and letting the love shine.

I need to stop multi tasking so often & put 100% effort into the moment that I am in. How can you achieve something with grand results when I am not putting in the full effort..? So no more surfing the net, while cooking tea and juggling homework..
Infact what I am going to start with for this.. Is when I drink my glass of wine that I enjoy, I am going to sit on the back deck and do nothing but drink my wine… Remembering to keep it simple.

I am going to try and drink more water… I know tat drinking enoug waters helps you in many ways. I know when I drink water that it helps settle my anxiety as my body is working right. But often I can go alllll day with only drinking my morning coffee.. So not a good thing…

I would love to have a list that looks like this
1. Do a load of washing every day
2. Be more organised
3. Use my diary more often
4. Toss 1 object out ever day
5. Pay off the credit cards

But in all honesty, these are tasks that would stress me out on a daily level rather than making the year an enjoyable time.

Someone once told me you ~ The only way to eat an elephant is bite by bite….
By keeping tings simple and being kind to me hopefully the rest should follow..

What will 2013 bring for you


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