Saturday Juggle

For the last 2 terms, Saturdays have been a hellish juggle.
We have survived it but with both Dancing & Soccer on at the same time I have been torn.


soccer vs dance.... the juggle

Fortunately I have a good friend whos daughter dances with ours & whos son signed up with our son for soccer.
So we have done the shared kids, shared activities for the last 2 terms.
Sometimes I do both, sometimes I do just one.
We have been known to kids swap at the front door on some days.
I also have the best family as sometimes Aunty comes, some times grandma comes..
With our own business it is hard to put my husband on kid duty but we got there..

So this morning it is just the dancing queen to get sorted. 1 child with activities. No extra drop offs, pick ups, no extra equipment like shin pads or team hats.
Just one little young girl who can wear anything she likes.

As a parent we try and do the best for our kids which some time causes the world of mayhem and organising for us but we get there.
I must say the juggle was all worth it when seeing our little boy get his first soccer trophy and the huge smile on his face to place it in our cabnet next to his dads…
So today I am grateful that soccer season is finished.. What are you grateful for today?


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