Day 27 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Declutter by Donating a Dozen – WOW – was that a Dozen Bags..?? Day 27

I have this crazy area that is almost as bad as the garage. It is in the corner of our back room. Things got dumped here when I changed around the kids rooms – as DS’s room was the study. Well this is what it would have been written as on a floor plan but in reality it was one HUGE JUNK room, full of clutter, mayhem and complete disorganisation. You would walk in there and not EVER be able to find ANYTHING at all. Infact any time you even went in there what ever you were doing or had in your hand then disappeared into the void.

So I knew in a flash that I could get a dozen items from this area. Well I did more than 5 minutes but still have many more minutes to go, maybe 50 x 5 will get this area finished.

  • 4 HUGE stand up bags later
  • 3 Boxes full

Some things to Donate but I am not working on Donate side of it more the toss out side of it. I have had things to donate before and they stay at the front door or infect the car. They never get to where they are meant to be moving to. It is a nice feeling to look at things and thing NOPE NOPE NOPE !!

I have now at least slightly thinned the clutter that I can go back to and spend more time in detail organising.

I was excited to take on this area and was even more excited to not think twice about what was going. To be moving fast with no second thoughts. OUT !! I still have a long way to go but I can start to see the light and I am starting to think that it is not a train any more lost in the clutter but a ray of sunshine brightening up the house since the windows have been cleaned !!

I have some great before and after shots of this area I will try to load up in time before tomorrows end.

Did you find a Dozen Things to Donate??


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