May challenge – Day 7 – Laundry

Our laundry is one of those places in our house that is never tidy. There are piles in there everywhere. I use to have the washing sooo under control. These days I would rather spend time with the kids than sorting washing and laundry.

Very slowly we are putting some systems back in place, like with our school uniforms.

I am completing this task on day 8 & I am happy to say a medium bag of used bottles, sprays, sock clips?, old sponges, rags as well as washing to be done was all cleared out of the laundry.


The floor was vacuumed in there and I even set the steam mop onto it with some wonderful clove oil in the water. You cant quite see but the floor was the new floorobe from our bedroom.

I would love to redesign my laundry, with a folding bench and more usable cupboard spaces. The cupboard under the sink is never used, as is the top shelf in my high cupboard as it is too high.. I think I might have a play on the Bunnings laundry planner, as it is free to dream.


But as of now my laundry is cleaned and sorted for another day, my washing is catching up and Day 7 is now complete.

How does your laundry look?


May challenge – Day 2 – Entrance area

At the moment I have had a collection area where we have been putting clothes that Miss 7 & I have been sorting. She is at a change over age and so this pile at the moment grows fast. She has been given a variety of clothes, some sligtly bigger but she loves them all and wants to wear them NOW!! So because of this the area at our entrance has gone ferral.

I also have a shoe cabinet there but it also isnt holding the shoes in it, they seem to of escaped.

This is the Old look of this same area 12 months ago..

I must say it makes a difference now having a tidied front.
A cleaned off door mat.
A tidy organised entrance.



I have tossed from here
A bag of clothes to pass on
A dance outfit to pass onto a girl in our sons class to encourage her to dance
A bag of crap?
I have put all my recipe books together in a plastic box(need to sort them and find a new home)
I have a place for our caps, in the box on the floor
I also tossed a couple of pairs of shoes
I vacuumed up gallion dead flying ants

What did you de clutter today?

My May Challenge

I am such a great starter and hopeless finisher. In April I was trying to concentrate on my washing, drying, folding but here I am at the end of April wanting the mobile laundromatte to come to me and spend a day chained to my machines to catch me up…


In May I have decided to do the following… I am going to suggest to find 1 item a day that you no longer need or use, that you can give away, toss out or donate. Of course you can do a major declutter as we go, but for me I am going to aim at 1 item a day.

Each morning I will give you an area to find this item from.

Here is where I need your help. If I forget to post this then I will need someone to remind me or ask where the area is for the day..

This will mean 31 less items to worry about at least by the end of May..

Whos in?

Appliance Cupboard SORTED !!

Very slowly I am sorting all corners of the kitchen.

I have done the following

WOW – I am now even inspiring my self – I have thought about each and every area as I have created this list by virtually opening them in my mind !! All by UNDER the sink is done ….!!
This corner cupboard that has the Appliances in it was left. So over the week end I made a coffee and sat down on the floor with a box to fill.

“Doing this one today” was the remark from DH – as he walked out the back yard to have a ride from Man Land….. His hard hard job of mowing the lawns on the ride on. I can very safely write these things because my Man is completely from the untechno Man Land. Infact almost prehistoric Man Land – where they grunt, scratch, eat, sleep and exist while the world moves on around them. Infact SO MUCH in Man Land that he even Baby Sits his children….. lucky he is on my good list – because this is sounding like  Bad Husband day – which is not the case – so be kind with remarks… hahahah

SO – back to my mind tour of the kitchen.

I worked out that on the night of the Royal Wedding that I had this HUGE stash of platters and plates all in a bottom cupboard here that had been forgotten about some where in the kitchen clean over. So it was time to cull, sort and decide what was lucky enough to stay.

Staying on my LOVE list are

  • Electric Frying Pan
  • Electric Skillet
  • Slow Cooker – LOVE IT
  • Double Flat Sandwich maker – we use this endlessly in winter for Toasties

Not so much loved but lucky to stay

  • Electric knife
  • Hand held electric Blender

Will be re looked at – as I think they should go !!

  • Stand up Blender
  • Barmix

VASES – mmmmm – on the day I was married 13 years ago – I think I have been lucky to of got mmmmm I would hate to guess …… 5 bunches of flowers at the most …. before then I use to get flowers all the time … things change with marriage… so due to this I had I will say 8 vases for that just in case. I did have a crazy thought that I might go out and buy enough flowers to fill them all today and fill the house with flowers but the cost would be HUGE – so I tossed them instead.


This morning when I opened up this cupboard to put some things away
it was great to not have to balance things in there – they fitted well and more so had a place.

YEAH another place sorted !! What appliances do you actually use in your kitchen cupboard??

Mobile Phone Contacts Printout

Today one of the tasks I saw posted by The Organised Housewife

‎{daily task} clear those numbers from your mobile contacts which u don’t need anymore.

I have decided to take this one step further. I have created this print out that can go in your BOK (Book Of Knowledge). This is a place where you can keep ALL your phone numbers. I dont know how many times I hear of people who’s phone has died and they have lost ALL their contacts.

Take the time to print out this list as many times as you need and to keep a record of all numbers in your phone – you can also make this a time to sort out which numbers you need and dont need !!

Does your phone need sorting out ??

Day 4 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Onto Day 4 for of my 5 minute tasks …..

I must have the worst house in the world as 5 minutes is what it almost takes me to step over things and get to where the task is past all the mess !!

Well this task is to Declutter your Bathroom Cabinets
When I read this I knew it would be longer than 5 minutes but I only have 3 drawers and one has just recently been sorted !!! YES !!

  1. Drawer 1 – Hair ties, Brushes, Perfumes
  2. Drawer 2 – Nail, stuff, supplies & Hair Treatments
  3. Drawer 3 – Medicine Drawer DONE!!

I have in these drawers a mixture of baskets of different sizes and shapes to fit the space.

What happens with our bathroom like all places, is that things are done or used and then left on the bench – this is then tidied up by tossing everything on top of the other in the drawer…mmmm NOT GOOD.
So it was just a matter of putting hair ties with hair ties, spare soaps with spare soaps, tossing out things that were almost empty, over stretched, creams that were not used any more.

It is always great to regain order and put things in their places.. This did take longer than 5 minutes but wasnt an all nighter. Half a shopping bag later and things were culled down also. I do have plenty of EVERYTHING. By the looks so far I almost have a spare one of everything in my house.

What were your Bathroom cupboards like??

Day 1 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 1 Declutter your living area

I am following Michele Connolly’s 30 x 5 Organize-athon at the moment and today is DAY 1!!

30 x 5 minute Tasks – SOUNDS easy enough!!

Mmm Well – have friends visiting at the moment and so we have come & gone from home over the last week & fitted in another full schedule of events, visits & entertaining in and around our normal – which has been fantastic!! So now it get things back on track…..

After finding that Day 1 was Declutter your living area via my phone before heading home yesterday I thought – this wont take long!

BUT when I walked in the front door & stepped over things & dodged around some of the busy, laughing, happy 6 kids who were scattered through out the entire house, I thought OH MY – this IS going to be a challenge alright….

I went to sleep leaving everything in the place where it fell or was left and drifted off to sleep thinking about where to begin on the task ahead!!

I was awake early before anyone else this morning – so with my coffee in hand, a laundry basket in the other and a garbage bag over my arm my 5 minutes began.

  • All game discs were put into the correct covers & put into the right drawer where they have ALWAYS lived.
  • Craft, coloring & writing things were put into the right drawer where they have ALWAYS lived.
  • DVD’s in – YEAP you guessed it the DVD drawer where they have ALWAYS lived…..
  • Old DVD player that was destroyed by power surge in the FEB cyclone was the first to enter the Garbage Bag as it was still just dust collecting on top of the TV unit.
  • Dusted the top of the china cabinet
  • Dusted the top of the TV unit
  • Dusted the top of the storage unit
  • Wiped down the window sill
  • Jigsaw puzzle was regrouped from ALL corners of the lounge room & packed up & homed
  • Pony toys were sorted and replaced back where they belonged (kids helped as they were now up & I am sure they wished they remained asleep in bed as DH was pretending to do..!)
  • Socks ARGHH !!!… they were collected & placed into laundry basket
  • School shoes placed at the front door where they should have been taken off!
  • School bags on hooks in rooms – where they should have been placed also.
  • Bench stools – wiped down especially their feet as they ALWAYS collect fluff, hair and stuff???
  • Coffee table was then cleared and wiped
  • Lounge covers were straightened – even though I really should have pulled them off and tossed them in for a wash – next week…
  • Cushions plumped and lined up
  • Fly screens wiped over – I use Pine O Cleen for all my wiping and cleaning
  • Floors vacuumed
  • Window tracks vacuumed
  • Window tracks wiped out
  • 3 pages of notes quickly hand written out while having second coffee

Within 75 minutes my first 5 minute task was complete!!

How did you go??