$100 per week shop doesnt exist here..

I follow many pages as well as write my own.
I am always looking for great meals, budget tips and house hold routines.

I am reading more and more about the $21 Food challenge and how people keep their food shopping to under $100 per week.

I must say if there is just ONE thing our house is reknown for, it is getting a great feed!

I know there are plenty of you who can keep your groceries down to these costs but in our house it is not at all possible. Not because we feed the world. Not because we have constant visitors dropping in and out. But because we like good food..

We like things like the following:

Lamb anything, infact almost every second week it is lamb roast. I also chose the boneless roast so we can eat it all as I feel that with the bones I am always leaving meat as I cant get it from the bone..

Scotch fillet, thick rib fillets, rump…. Are all tasty and tender to eat.

Chicken is a weekly meal here, we like thigh or tenderloins, it is also not uncommon for me to cook a roast chicken.

Desserts are often in our house than not. As are slices or Brownies etc

I would eat vegetarian but I know if I gave my husband something with out meat in it, he would be waiting for his meat of some kind to arrive.
We also eat pastas but not the pesto kind it always has mince or chicken in it. We eate rice with meat in a sauce and veggies to the side.
Yet we dont have 1 frozen vegetable in the freezer. It is all fresh fresh fresh, of which we eat plenty of.

Every so often, I am happy to eat put of our pantry and freezer this gets rid of the accumulated excess and that week is reasonably low. But as a whole I have stopped stressing myself out with keeping the shopping low. As it doesnt work here at all.
The cost just is what it is..

How does your family eat?


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