Day 25 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Declutter your Surfaces – Day 25

Any flat surface in our house gains this EXTREME magnetic super powers that attracts anything & everything to it. Almost the strength of a Super Hero them self. DH LOVES clear benches – infact his Perfect Way to clear the bench ( which he has done ONCE – only ever ONCE !!) was to get a garbage bag and drag his arm along the bench pushing EVERYTHING off the bench and into the bin… GONE !!!! I was Not Happy that day !!!

Back to the benches

  • A clear bench today – tomorrow it has things on it
  • A clean vacced and mopped floor – gets walked on in grass mowings
  • A clean sparkly sink – has visitors come over for a HUGE cook up
  • A clean bathroom vanity – gets glitter and make up all over it from a dance concert

As part of my Weekly Plan I have put to wipe down benches. I am also going to post about the FlyLady idea of Swish & Swipe.. Cleaning off the bathroom each morning or evening so that it is done as you go.

I am trying very very hard to ensure that everything that is placed on the following surfaces

  • Kitchen Bench
  • Entertainment area
  • TV unit
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Bathroom vanity

doesnt have a home where is should actually be living instead.

How do your benches/surfaces look ??


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