Day 10 – 30×5 Organize-athon

I am not sure of the true meaning of “Garage” but I vaguely rememver reading somewhere that this is an under cover secure area that houses a vehicle???
In our house it is the equal to an out of control junk room where all too hard boxes, piles, good , bad or otherwise go to hide excess “stuff” from visitors and to quickly make the hosue look cleaner.

Infact with a little giggle I would even go as far as to say I have no idea where the remote for the roller doors are & I cant remember when I last or if I ever have used them in the 10 years of living here!!

This area may not be finished but on Day 10 it was a 5 minute task to Organise your Garage.
In my 2 hour – 5 minute block it may not look like much but the organising is starting to happen.

  • 2 boxes full
  • 3 bags later

I have begun. I will keep coming back to this area in 5 minute blocks and hopefully at some stage I may have some where for the kids to play on a rainy day under cover, or even a place to house my car !!! NO WAY !!!

Some of the things to sort & toss (must almost be skip time again I am thinking ??)

  • Baby change table with 3 drawers
  • large chip board bookshelf
  • Fishing things
  • Box of old clothes
  • Paperwork to file and archive for tax purposes
  • Toys – more toys still

Is your garage as bad as mine??


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