School Cross Country

2 years ago I had a very scared little girl in prep who didnt want to run the cross country. I decided that the way to show my support was to run beside her and encourage her along..

2 years on… The course has got longer, our daughters dislike of this event is still as strong as ever and I am thinking I need to train for this event a few times a week, year round to even keep up with the extending distances as her years increase or at least for our son.

This year I did the prep race with Mr5 – who was determined to win! We had the winning group in sight the entire way but just couldnt catch up to them. I think we ended up coming about 12 th in his year which is a great effort. I thought he would run faster than I could manage but I was infront of him the entire way egging him on.

Miss7… mmmm give her a stage to dance on and she will shine. Give her a field to run on and she would rather lay down and watch the clouds..
She hates cross country and sports day.. Getting her to run has always been a struggle. We will never need to fight for front row seats at the track and field for Australia to watch her complete..
It was almost as the race started that we hit the end pack.. Infact I could even see a mum carrying her baby running along behind us, THAT is how slow we were. It was a hard battle to keep her going. She finished the race tears and all. This might be the longer race but it the easier.

I then also ran half of the next race with her friend.. She has a little bit more of a spirit about her but still struggled.

Funny how you can have 2 kids, one keen to win and the other no desire..


Red faced with even the sweat under and above my boobies..! Charming hey?

Do you do crazy things like this to encourage your children?


New uniform solution

In our house we have laundry baskets, laundry piles, unfolded laundry.. mmmm

Anyway with both the kids at the same school this year, there is enough that at the end of ever week I can do a uniform wash. But what has been happening is they have been putting their laundry in with their other clothes.

So at the end of the week to find the school uniforms I am digging through both of their boxes to find the uniforms so they can be washed together..

I know this has taken me an entire term to think of this.. But Rome wasnt built in a day…

I have brought them both for $5.50 from Woolies.. A new basket to go in the corners of their rooms. Our laundry bags are in the actual laundry, where as I am going to trial these in their rooms for uniforms only..




Uniform shorts, tops, dresses, socks and knickers/jocks… All in these baskets..

Then at the end of the week it is both the baskets in the machine and the washing is done!

Sometimes it is the sorting, sifting, seperating that makes the job forgotten where as this way it will be be a much simplier process..

Do you keep uniforms seperate from other clothes?

Why I freeze lunches

Ok this week is a little tighter than normal but in saying that the bills & fees for life are all paid.

With my $20 budget the things on the top of my mind were school lunch.

Today down the shops we went and brougt the following
2 loaves of bread
Roast beef

One thing with the kids, I always ask them what they want me to put in their lunches and I never say no. With their sandwiches for it to work this way it also has to be what they like. If its roast meat they want, then it is. If its ham and cheese then it is. To make them more appealing to the kids I always cut the crusts off and treat them.


I do them in big batches all at once.


Little waste


So here are some reasons why I freeze their lunches
1. The bread is all used when it is super fresh & yummy.. They defrost still fresh.
2. We are not battling mouldy bread in the tropics or NO bread.
3. All of the things like cold meat & cheese are used up, not left in the fridge & forgotten.
4. It makes getting lunches ready such a breeze.
5. You have choice, although a little limited due to freezing but we have got over that.
6. You know you have things there for lunches as you can see how many you still have frozen.

Does this work for you

Orange School Lunch

School Lunches – these can be the hardest things to put together in the world. To find the creativity to do different and exciting things for the kids when they open them up. The truth be known I would rather order a lunch order every single day. This doesnt happen. Once a week Tuckshop occurs and this is on a day that I dont have to pack a lunch for my son.

So to throw a curve ball into action in the school yard – Kindy is doing Rainbows this term for the kids to learn their colours.

Last week we had to do a party shared morning tea – so I made a plate a Strawberry Jam Pinwheels for them all.
This week – it was normal but you had to wear the colour. I decided that I would also do a coloured lunch for the weeks any way.

Each week I will do a post listing the great foods that correspond to the colour that you have all helped me find.

Orange Food List

  • Oranges
  • Mandarins
  • Orange Jelly
  • Orange Jelly made in orange skins
  • Carrot sticks, Grated Carrot
  • Mayo dip mixed with sweet chilli sauce to make it orange
  • Canteloupe
  • Orange Cake or Cupcakes or muffins
  • Apricot jam
  • Dried Apricots
  • Orange jelly beans
  • Orange Gummy Bears
  • Orange snakes
  • Orange smarties
  • Pumpkin scones
  • Apricot slice made with biscuits & condensed milk
  • Orange spagetti
  • Apricot Cubes
  • Orange Piklets, or piklets with apricot jam
  • Orange cookies – with orange jelly crystals sprinkled on top
  • Cheetos
  • Sweet potatoe chips
  • Peaches
  • Pumkpin soup
  • Mashed pumpkin
  • Orange juice

This lunchbox has in it the following –
Apricot filled biscuits, Apricot yogurt museli bar,
Cruskits ( maybe they are yellow then orange with cheddar cheese spread,
canteloupe balls, carrot sticks with sweet chilli dip.
Oops forgot he orange gummy bears..



Thanks for your great suggestions ~ Shay, Adam, Danielle, Becci, Rosie, Natalie & Lisa

To Keep or Not too Keep School Art Work

Once your child hits school years, then begins the endless stream of paintings, cut & paste, writing and makings that ALL need to be the top of the “Best Work” pile and pride of the household. Mind you for those of you with children who went to daycare and kindy this will of already begun then. So what to do with them all??

We have just recently put together a clip for each of the kids that magnets onto the side of the fridge.This clip displays each of their art work. The art work of the day gets put onto this clip and is there to take pride of the house, waiting to show Daddy, Aunty or Grandparents. The current art work there is in taken off and pasted into their “Art Book”.

The “Art Book” is just a standard scrap book that I use to collect all their work into. This is a task that I do with them in the after school time where home work would normally be. Since our kids are Kindy & Grade 1 the larger homework loads have not yet begun but this gets them doing school related tasks in the designated time span that homework would fill.

Ensure you put the date on each piece of artwork. This scrap book is just that a scrap book – it doesnt have to be in perfect date order, it is just a collection of their work, that allows you to keep it in an organised way, rather than being thrown out and hearts broken. It will also give you a collection of work your child has completed for the year that can be given as a gift to grandma or someone at Christmas time.


You will find over time that your children will be talking about putting their work in their book and they will hurry in to get it sorted knowing where it goes. So make sure it has a home, along with some glue and safety scissors.

I find that if some of the paintings are too big you can either fold the pages over so they still fit in or some times we have even cut the paintings down.

Otherwise if this is not an option as I have written about earlier I also take photos of the kids work and then at least for the larger more creative items of work they can still go out after a while and the memory will remain.

Kids Afternoon/Night Routines

Surviving the morning and getting out the door is one tick for the day, the other end of the day can be even worse to get through. With eventful days, no naps and being away from mum can be extremely tiresome.

I have found that as long as the kids have a list of tasks that never change, in a set order then they can keep it together.

This  list may alter in your family due to afterschool events or time spans as well as the age of your children. We are only just about to start homework this year so at the moment there isnt a homework time but there is a tasks time. This list is also on the wall and referred back to through out the night.

Again make sure that you do one thing at a time slowly growing on the list until they start to run on automatic. One day the might surprise you by checking the list themselves and doing the next thing on the list.

Work out the right list that works in your home.


Kids Morning Routine

For those of you who are brand new to the world of school these past few days have probably been like nothing you have experienced with your child. Lucky your baby can rest for a day and then return to finish off the week. From here on though it will be 5 days a week and order needs to be found.

With out forming a routine in both their morning and evening you will soon find yourself with late nights, over tired children, hard to wake children, and bad behaviour. I am not any professor on parenting by any means but all this does not make a happy home, parent or child.

I have started with the Morning Routine. For me starting the day right helps put us all on the right foot. If it has been mayhem from the moment your eyes open then things are not off to a good start. Especially on the days I am also working we are out of the house and on the road by 7.30am so order needs to be sorted and maintained for this to happen with out me starting the day off by yelling and screaming.

Our list is in the kids room on the wall. This way they can refer back to it and keep the process moving along themselves, as well there is one on the front of the fridge. I have it laminated so that gold stars can be stuck on it each day when things are acheived and then they can then easily be removed for the next day.

To create your own version of this you need to think about that the key important things are that you need your child to do before leaving the house each morning. This might be the over all list to acheive but start with 1 thing for the week and then build on it each week until they form a habit with the things they need to do. Make sure you reward with stars along the way, we all like to know we have done well 😉