Day 2 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 2 – Clear out your hanging closet

Well this IS something that has taken me time but didnt freak me out – Day 2

Back in January I did this post Tips on Clearing Closet Clutter
This is something I have been very mindful of since then.

I do the following:

  • If something I have been wearing has bothered me all day when I take it off I toss it, this could range from undies, to a top, to a bad pair of pants – OUT
  • If it is ripped, torn, or lost a button – I am BAD – I dont mend – OUT
  • If it is really bad once it has been washed – OUT – I dont iron really either
  • For the kids if it is stained, ripped, destroyed – OUT
  • If it is too small or out grown – OUT

OUT some times means garbage OUT sometimes means passed on.

In January when I wrote that post I moved ALL of my clothes from our main bedroom to the spare room. In here there is a set of drawers that I use to fold things up on and here we go …. dump things on – I wanted to space out and see what clothes I had and to monitor what I was actually wearing. I have also put my clothes in colour groups for my main clothes ….. then another section for my work clothes…..mmmmmm……. sounds very organised when I write about it BUT here is where my 5 minutes starts……

I first had to hang the dumped pile. There is always that one day here and there that gets away from you and with visitors we have been having way too much fun…. so there was that pile to start with.

I then only like black coat hangers… so I tossed out the odd white one, wire one, pink one, broken one OUT

As you look through your cupboard you always go past certain pieces that you never wear but they still get to hang in there – so there was a dress that I liked on eBay but not on ME – OUT, There was a pair of pants I use to wear when pregnant almost 4 years ago that I have been keeping for yard clothes – OUT.

Then I had to get back on track – so I have had the washing machine on detention, one load finishes and the next is shoved in… the dry was in the same trouble to help get it all done till there was no more clothes piles ANYWHERE !!


Then I folded, hung and put away all clothes. I then have turned around all of my coat hangers …. I will then remind you all at the start of the financial year to check your wardrobes….I am sure a few more bags full will be leaving then that have remained untouched, unworn and NOT turned back.

So Task 2 – 5 minutes completed!!

How did you go with this task…?


7 thoughts on “Day 2 – 30×5 Organize-athon

  1. I’m leaving this one for another week, as I’m hoping to be able to go shopping next week for a few new pieces of clothing. Right now I have very little, although there are a couple of things I will get rid of once I have something else. 🙂

    • There are plenty of sites around that talk about dressing with basic colours and with basic pieces that you then mix and match with things,…. very practical but some times in reality sounds so much better – I do love my work days as that means no choice – Just uniform EASY !!

    • YEAH !! Thats what happens I think – It is meant to be 5 minutes but an hour later and 3 drawers later I am done on things hahahah
      Keep it up !!

  2. was able to get a whole pile of clothes to donate–bought some organizing accessories and repurposed. Used the hanging shelves for the little things in my hall closet–1 small shelf for gloves, one for hats, etc. Looked really good when I completed it.

    • Well done – feels great doesnt it ??
      Did you take a picture that you can post on my wall ?? or email one to me & I will post it up.
      Still too many days to go yet – but hang in there we will get there together.

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