Day 6 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 6 – Freshen up your Crockery & Glassware

As I keep plodding my way from room to room I keep thinking how I could almost set up a complete other house FULL of spare clothes, spare towels, spare sheets, spare cutlery, spare kitchen things, spare make up, spare appliances not used but stored for just in case, other things never looked at, touched or cared about like ornaments. mmmmm

In my kitchen cupboards I have slowly gaining control.

  • I had in one section 8 brand new untouched white coffee mugs at the back from a dinner set I brought. GONE
  • Mis matching china GONE
  • Old cheap rusty knife and fork SPARE set (S) GONE
  • Tea cups with saucers to place cake on – NEVER USED, GONE
  • Tea Pot – prefer coffee from my machine GONE
  • Sorted my spare silver cutlery
  • Sorted the kids plastic ware


Mind you after filling a garbage bag I will return to the cupboard next to this and will also that day open up the Crystal cabinet to sort, as I am not sure WHY we have ugly crystal glasses on display but never used. Out of my 5, yes 5 rows of maybe 40 wine glasses I have 2 – 2 single glasses that I use ALL the time. 1 for me & 1 for my sister when she is over sharing a bottle …. but all the others are not my favorites and I never chose to use them for me nor for her. I must say over the years my taste has changed from Mexican chunky glassware to very fine glass. When I suggested to my family that these needed to be thinned out – everyone, including the 3-year-old could not believe that Mumma was going to toss out some WYND (as the kids call it) glasses 😉

I must say he nicest thing is when unpacking the dishwasher that every thing FITS in & has a place.

How is your crockery & glassware cupboards??


5 thoughts on “Day 6 – 30×5 Organize-athon

  1. LOVE the after shot. I have a ‘thing’ for coloured glassware, so when I saw your green glasses my 1st instinct was to find out where you got them lol BUT I have ENOUGH glassware so please don’t tell me :O

    • I REALLY Like coloured glass ware – but I like them when the 6 of them are all different colours or the rims are different colours.
      Redlynch Florist use to stock them in crystal, and so does the Jewlery store near Gloria Jeans at Earlville.

      • Redlynch Florist at Woolies? Ummm, now I’m in trouble, that is our shopping centre. Lucky I don’t do the groceries!!! But I will be needing to pick up some more kids panadol soon hehehe.

        I will just have to remember to chuck out something if I go shopping.

        There, now I can :o)

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