Day 13 – 30×5 Organize-athon

I have done the kitchen cupboards, the cupboard above the oven now time for do the cupboard that I keep thinking about ever time I open it.

Day 13 Organise your Pots, Pans & Cookware

I didnt think I had anything that needed to be tossed from here – I just thought I was a put together and wipe down type of cupboard. Like the entire rest of our house of course it needed things thrown out from it. A full bag later and the following kinds of things were tossed.

  • Spare lids that no longer went with anything
  • Spare steamer – I have already kept 2 3 is out of the question
  • Old pressure cooker lid that we no longer have the bottom of
  • metal divider for saucepan

Once sorted this cupboard then was wiped out and everything was placed back in. Pots with their matching lids, things in places that I can now see what I have to cook with in there.

Not a big job but some more things sorted, tossed and cleared out !!

What do your pots, pans & cookware look like ??


2 thoughts on “Day 13 – 30×5 Organize-athon

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