Day 15 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Declutter your Home Office – Day 15

This was worse than the garage!! With this room you had to almost push everything into the room and then very very fast slam the door shut….. This was my other secret to a clean house..

The main motivation to clean this up was to make this room become our sons. It was beyond help and really needed something extreme to happen.

My solution was to go to the removalist and buy numerous boxes !! and to just pack all and every inside of these boxes until the entire room was cleared and out of sight. My theory was that this would get the task done straight away rather than sorting to then clear !! no way this would have taken forever !! I also thought that the things I went looking for would be the important things that were saved and kept. I can say this now that the boxes are emptied and gone – but there was not a real lot that I went looking for, but there sure was a bunch of crap!!

I will see how my soul is feeling tomorrow once I get all these finalised tonight but the before shot on this is horrific !! It is almost something that the housing department should have been called into see – but the house was OURS !! Now it is the nicest bedroom – see here

So since then the Home Office has moved down to a very nice corner of the back room and there is nothing on the desk or near the desk that isnt used at the right time !!

Is your Home Office a workable area?


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