This makes life worth living

Today one of the kids teachers had some very unfortunate news, a family member had passed away and so at short notice today was her last day of term.

I had secretly been planning with the kids in the class as well as a few mums that we would have a surprise Happy Birthday on Friday afternoon for her as her birthday is during the school holidays.

The kids had all coloured in a cardboard person to look like them and I had collected them to make a card on Monday. Luckily this morning they were still on the dash of my car. Another mum was going to bake a cake..

When I heard this terrible news I decided that I needed to give her some happiness before she left. So I got the cardboard to make the card, stickers & glue and made it very clear to our Business Manager and Parts Manager that this was my MOST important job this morning and once finished I could do my real job.


This is the inside of the card, each student wrote their names across their chest.

I also made a quick call to our chef mum, cake baker and she didnt think twice in agreeing to make a cake for today. It was made with love and looked amazing… But tasted better. Even at such late notice one of the mums made it in as well, so there were a few of us there.

So even though this lady is traveling 12 hours tomorrow, attending a funeral Thursday and then 12 hours home on Friday, she smiled, giggled and got the BEST group hug from her students… As soon as she opened the card all the kids rushed up to see where THEY were in the card, which was a great moment.

These are the things that make life worth living….


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