Day 7 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Today was the end of the first week – Day 7

Organise your books, DVD’s and/or CD’s

I have in the last few days replaced our DVD/Video player for a straight DVD player. This took much thinking about as to WHY ? I would want to spend the extra money to play videos still and if I did WHAT videos did I want to watch.
The answer was a small collection of home videos, Our Engagement party, Our Wedding video. So I thought with the $$’s that I have saved on not buying the double unit I will get these videos transferred to DVD. All other 1 million 6 thousand videos – GONE!!! Infact they filled an entire heavy-duty Stand up Garden bag – I do LOVE these to toss things into as they are so strong to carry ALL.

In doing this it has now completely emptied our TV unit. I have 2 empty shelves that I can now use as a trophy cabinet & it looks so uncluttered. This then made me clean out the other side that was full of crappy ornaments – that I had no idea why I had them, where they came from or even who gave them to me GONE … I kept a few still in there but the chipped broken eared horse GONE, the home-made dragon GONE – didnt feel one bit attached in what I tossed, infact I felt good that I had off loaded these THINGS that just filled the space.

I am learning slowly that space DOESN’T have to be filled…….

As for our CD’s we sorted them some time ago by taking them out of the dust collecting shelves that towered around the back room…. and put them into folders with their covers – then I know what is missing or more so where they go back. I am thinking I will list them at some stage and then file them Alphabetically – mmmm – this way you know where to find them rather than just flicking through them randomly as we do.

I have an out of control DVD drawer that has a random collection stashed in there. I have brought 3 new folders and I will also be sorting these A-Z into 3 groups Family, Boys & Girls. This way the kids have their own each with their own in them and we have ours.

Then there is the WII games. These as with them all use to live EVERYWHERE. I dont watch much TV nor do I play the WII but I am the one who has to find the discs, that are required for both…. So these now live in the drawer under the WII player, all in the same way so they are easy to see – I have not put these in any order as this is way too hard for our young kids but they now know that the rules are once you finish playing they go back in the case and drawer before the next one comes out. SORTED !!

How are your DVD’s, Videos or Games ?


5 thoughts on “Day 7 – 30×5 Organize-athon

  1. Looking good. Ummm, what are the trophies for? They look a bit like me when I try to hula hoop, I’m guessing the hoop is around the trophies ankles too LOL.

  2. Totally awesome
    5 minutes seems to turn into all day projects for us lately but yes we are getting decluttered slowly

    We got rid of our videos all bar the wedding/special ones years ago when our video player decided it did not want to play videos no more
    We upgraded to a DVD player and have slowly been collecting the DVD’s that we had videos of Probably a bad move as we now have hundreds of DVD’s but we are doing what you have done as well and getting rid of the cases and just putting the DVD’s into smaller cases in the tv unit depending on the category of the dvd

    It is amazing learning so much from 5 minute challenges

    Will be adding more of your hints and tips as we go as well

    Luv Deb

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