Day 18 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 18 is yet another one I have done in the last month on my track to Getting Sorted!!

Organize your Storage Container

I have this great pantry but the bottom of it started to leak out into the kitchen and so I thought about then that it was time to try and sort all these containers, lids, bits and pieces and get them back under control.

I had SOOO many Tupperware containers that they needed to be sorted. I am a Tupperware fan NOT freak so I was more than happy to decide on my clearing path what works and what doesnt. I do love our Tupperware lunch boxes but I had a heap of round containers….mmmmm

It was a hard choice but out they went to a new home. I want things to fit in and work, so this means squares and rectangles…. sounds silly but fits better in the fridge, freezer and pantry.

To read more about this GREAT clean up that occurred click HERE

My pantry has remained like this ever since – I love it when it stays the same after a HUGE clean out !!!

How are your containers looking ???
I do think I need to find out more about this BENTO range??? 


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