Mummy Guilt

Over the past few weeks I have been suffering from that dreaded Mummy Guilt feeling..
As a mother you feel it is your duty to solve your kids world, to protect them and help them succeed at all cost.


It is that feeling when you just want to hop inside your child and help them – but you cant!

It is that feeling that you should of been onto things sooner – but you were!

It is that feeling that you havent done enough – yet you have never given up!

It is that feeling that if you were them how differently you would react – that is the adult with years of experience in you speaking!

It is that heart pulling heart wretching feeling that as your childs parent you have not exhausted every avenue – yet you have done everything you can!

It is the silent tears that fall and knowing that you arent the one to fix things just support and travel THEIR ride of L I F E!

Sometimes with kids we need to remember that they have their paths in life, which ever way they travel.
You cant control them, you cant do it for them, all you can do is keep recharging and give endless support to pull them through.
All kids get to the other side on their road that they travel, sometimes rolling onto the dirt from time to time as they have lost the track.
What they want is someone on the side lines cheering them on continually. Someone who believes in them to get there.

So for all those with Mummy Guilt like me, dust your self off, pull up your smile and know that we need to sometimes all dig deep to find the inner strength to support our kids but we are never alone..

Who else gets this pang from time to time?


2 thoughts on “Mummy Guilt

  1. Hi Michelle, I was talking about this with my hubby yesterday. He doesn’t completely understand the mother guilt thing, but what you’re saying about kids doing their own thing is spot on. I think I have to remind myself this more and more and then I will be a much happier, much less anxious person. I’m glad you pressed publish. Big Luv, Jac xox

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