Day 8 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 8 was greeted with a smile on my face!! This task is DONE!!

Organise your Linen Closet

In the middle of March, I took on the dreaded challenge of sorting my Linen Cupboards. NEVER do I remember being able to go in there and firstly find what I was looking for and secondly be able to slide the doors closed with out them being jammed by some thing.

This tasked seemed to take forever… the hallway seemed to be impassable for days… But success.

They have maintained their new look, are still look lovely and organised. I was happy the other day with visitors over to let SOMEONE else go to the cupboard to get the pool towels !!! This has NEVER been possible in our house… also the towels were sorted and in there !! so this was a double YEAH !!

I have just brought 2 Linen smelling Candle melts, an alternative to soaps…. that I have in the cupboard to make them smell nice !! So now the entire hallway also have the fresh smell that goes with clean linen.

For those of you who missed this post I did here it is – Linen Cupboards

How’s your linen closet looking??


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