Day 4 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Onto Day 4 for of my 5 minute tasks …..

I must have the worst house in the world as 5 minutes is what it almost takes me to step over things and get to where the task is past all the mess !!

Well this task is to Declutter your Bathroom Cabinets
When I read this I knew it would be longer than 5 minutes but I only have 3 drawers and one has just recently been sorted !!! YES !!

  1. Drawer 1 – Hair ties, Brushes, Perfumes
  2. Drawer 2 – Nail, stuff, supplies & Hair Treatments
  3. Drawer 3 – Medicine Drawer DONE!!

I have in these drawers a mixture of baskets of different sizes and shapes to fit the space.

What happens with our bathroom like all places, is that things are done or used and then left on the bench – this is then tidied up by tossing everything on top of the other in the drawer…mmmm NOT GOOD.
So it was just a matter of putting hair ties with hair ties, spare soaps with spare soaps, tossing out things that were almost empty, over stretched, creams that were not used any more.

It is always great to regain order and put things in their places.. This did take longer than 5 minutes but wasnt an all nighter. Half a shopping bag later and things were culled down also. I do have plenty of EVERYTHING. By the looks so far I almost have a spare one of everything in my house.

What were your Bathroom cupboards like??


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – 30×5 Organize-athon

  1. I love your blog – it has helped me so much. Am now on a mission and starting with the upstairs!!! Wish me luck and thanks for the inspriration.

    • YEAH – thanks, It is a great hobby but does fill in a lot of time – so some times life takes first choice….
      Good luck upstairs how is it going???

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