Day 12 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 12 – is part of my weekly clean.

Declutter your Car’s Glove Box

Our car is the endless machine that starts up on Monday Morning and I may as well some weeks put the esky in the back plugged into the power outlet, as it doesnt stop till mid day Saturday….

We eat in it, we have spare clothes in it, we have toys in it, we have sparkly lipgloss in it, our favorite CD’s in it…..

Every Friday I try to peel everything out of it and freshen it up. This allows me to restock the drink bottles in the fridge, resort my containers for mornings snacks at school, find lost toys, find pairs to socks,

On to the Glove Box. This is one area that doesnt get touched. It was a little messy and there were things that I did take out and toss, being

  • 2 old plastic bags from TARGET – not good and had perished 😦
  • pens – I must collect these with out knowing
  • a disc to give back
  • a broken stubby cooler
  • an old phone charger no longer needed
  • hooks & sinkers….mmmmmm
  • favorite takeaway menu

I now have in there the following

  • the locking bolt for my spare tyre
  • the key to my bike lock for the back
  • Yellow pages – CAR version it is tiny and cute and fits well in there with the maps in it also !!
  • spare light bulb
  • spare fuse
  • STRONG spare plastic bag x 2 ( I use this incase the kids are ever sick in the car, has worked well before )
  • 1 working pen

Sorted, organised and back under control. I use to have to shove it shut and not dare open it …. but these days it is fine.

For those of you who have not read about my Clutter Car, have a look..

Hows your glove box of your car or even your inside of your car??


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