Tantrums & Tiaras


What a morning!

Dress rehearsals are normally a huge week for us but with my niece not teaching this term it was quite easy compared to some terms were 5 of us have danced! Miss 7 normally struggles with the hair and make up department, but after heated tempers it simmers down.
We were ahead of time and even did my nieces makeup before we tried to head off.

Isnt it always the little things that tip the balance…..
Today it was LEG WARMERS! Yeap you are reading it right! Born in the early 70’s, I was part of life that made Leg Warmers IN!
I put them on Miss and the argument about where to wear them began!
Apparently in the modern 7 year old world you pull them all the way up!

Then the refusal of photographs, the frowns, the stares, the stomping off to the cubbyhouse and the tears began.

Rehearsals are the only time that photos can be taken, so I made it very clear that I would happily do a complete photo ban if that was the request & not even take the camera with me. Not 1 photo was taken. On a normal rehearsal with the 3 of us dancing it is on average 50-100 photos per dance that are taken between us… We are good clickers…!

So by the time I had the Princess in the car and arrived at rehearsals she was still bubbling.. So I let her do her thing and sat back. There were mums in our group who were quite shocked by what was looking like MY tantrum.. Instead I didnt even watch her dance. I sat with the younger brothers at the back of the hall and watched the Lorax. Seeming completely disinterested… Which is not the case.

I understand that we are very close to the end of term and that there is plenty of tiredness around.
Yet I am also tired of the rudeness that was to me, grandad and anyone else who she could cast her glare at and stomp past…

We are now home and I have made it very clear there is no television today and that she needs to say sorry for her actions….
No mac Donalds as planned just home made sandwiches and at the moment a very quiet house…
Sometimes sticking to your word and following through is the hardest part…


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