Day 17 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Up until this year our lounge room was ALL about KIDS TOYS !!!

Declutter the Kids Toys Day 17

At the start of this year it was decided that we would either go to Tokyo for a holiday or spend some money on our house. We have lived here for over 10 years and never spent a care or money on making it be nice – we have just LIVED in it…. so I made a VERY GOOD choice to not go to Tokyo and to paint, sort, clean & give each of the kids their own rooms. As fate has things we would have been there exactly when the earthquake hit !! so more and more I am sure that this year for me is SOOOOO about sorting the house…. !!!

With 2 kids in one room there were too many clothes, complete mayhem…& NOWHERE for toys to even think about living in there. So container after container of every toy the kids have ever owned slowly started to take over our lounge room.

It was any visitor under the age of maybe 10’s dream to be surrounded & more so allowed to play with anything of choice. Containers were always being up ended to find that GREAT toy in the bottom of the container…..You stepped on toys, you kicked toys, then were everywhere.

Having been one of the worlds greatest hoarders with not one bit of organisation, we had things mixed everywhere from the day each of the kids were born with parts, pieces & things missing.

I decided at the start of this year when reorganising their rooms to return into that I would sort the toys down to 1 box each…. Here is the post I wrote about trying to do this. Tips on Sorting Kids Toys

Just a few weeks ago I cleared the last toy box from the lounge room. It was rewarded most when my Life Long Friends came to visit a few weeks ago. On their arrival the very first thing her 12-year-old said was
WOW – Where have all the toys gone????
mmm success was being achieved in very small steps I thought with a HUGE smile on my face…
Mission Accomplished!! Mind you I do think I need to regroup the toys every so often as that bottom of the toy boxes is a huge BLACK HOLE !! but for now they all fit well and have places in the kids rooms 🙂

How do the toys around your place look ??



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