Day 1 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 1 Declutter your living area

I am following Michele Connolly’s 30 x 5 Organize-athon at the moment and today is DAY 1!!

30 x 5 minute Tasks – SOUNDS easy enough!!

Mmm Well – have friends visiting at the moment and so we have come & gone from home over the last week & fitted in another full schedule of events, visits & entertaining in and around our normal – which has been fantastic!! So now it get things back on track…..

After finding that Day 1 was Declutter your living area via my phone before heading home yesterday I thought – this wont take long!

BUT when I walked in the front door & stepped over things & dodged around some of the busy, laughing, happy 6 kids who were scattered through out the entire house, I thought OH MY – this IS going to be a challenge alright….

I went to sleep leaving everything in the place where it fell or was left and drifted off to sleep thinking about where to begin on the task ahead!!

I was awake early before anyone else this morning – so with my coffee in hand, a laundry basket in the other and a garbage bag over my arm my 5 minutes began.

  • All game discs were put into the correct covers & put into the right drawer where they have ALWAYS lived.
  • Craft, coloring & writing things were put into the right drawer where they have ALWAYS lived.
  • DVD’s in – YEAP you guessed it the DVD drawer where they have ALWAYS lived…..
  • Old DVD player that was destroyed by power surge in the FEB cyclone was the first to enter the Garbage Bag as it was still just dust collecting on top of the TV unit.
  • Dusted the top of the china cabinet
  • Dusted the top of the TV unit
  • Dusted the top of the storage unit
  • Wiped down the window sill
  • Jigsaw puzzle was regrouped from ALL corners of the lounge room & packed up & homed
  • Pony toys were sorted and replaced back where they belonged (kids helped as they were now up & I am sure they wished they remained asleep in bed as DH was pretending to do..!)
  • Socks ARGHH !!!… they were collected & placed into laundry basket
  • School shoes placed at the front door where they should have been taken off!
  • School bags on hooks in rooms – where they should have been placed also.
  • Bench stools – wiped down especially their feet as they ALWAYS collect fluff, hair and stuff???
  • Coffee table was then cleared and wiped
  • Lounge covers were straightened – even though I really should have pulled them off and tossed them in for a wash – next week…
  • Cushions plumped and lined up
  • Fly screens wiped over – I use Pine O Cleen for all my wiping and cleaning
  • Floors vacuumed
  • Window tracks vacuumed
  • Window tracks wiped out
  • 3 pages of notes quickly hand written out while having second coffee

Within 75 minutes my first 5 minute task was complete!!

How did you go??


7 thoughts on “Day 1 – 30×5 Organize-athon

  1. So sxcited that this was the first task.
    My living room is always returned to complete order on a Friday as I like to start the weekend with it nice and tidy.
    I culled my magazine stack, packed away all the half done puzzles from the coffee table, watered the pot plants
    and gave it all a good dust. Then vacummed every nook and cranny of the floor and skirting boards…

    • Well Done Jenn on this task – If your house is ANY THING like mine you can return it to order but turn your back and it is destroyed again in a flash – but hang in there as slowly we will work on the house together and hopefully get a lot sorted !!

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