Day 3 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 3 – Organise your kitchen utensils

I have got a little lost but it is about getting the tasks done – so here we go on the catch up – Day 3

Who ever invented kitchen gadgets must be worth a fortune!!! I see these things and always think YEAH that would be GREAT !! – then use it for a few weeks before it slips into the unused clutter realm of my kitchen drawers…

Some of the things I am talking about that today I tossed were

  • a corn kernel remover !!
  • weights to hold a table cloth down
  • medicine syringes with no numbers on them
  • sushi maker
  • mismatched kids cutlery
  • novelty wine stoppers
  • novelty wine pourers
  • thick knife spreader

I found my melon baller that I had forgotten I had & with making fruit kebab lately this will be a HUGE hit !!

I did still manage to keep the following that I couldnt part with

  • 3 Disney Princess straws from DisneyLand
  • 3 sets of salad servers


  • Can opener
  • Tupperware wine opener – even though most wines these days are screw topped now
  • my champagne stopper
  • black tupperware jar opener mat thingy


 Another bag full of STUFF out the front door and into the bin !!! Yeah !!

Have you checked out your utensils lately ?? Is there anything you could clear out ??


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – 30×5 Organize-athon

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