My May Challenge

I am such a great starter and hopeless finisher. In April I was trying to concentrate on my washing, drying, folding but here I am at the end of April wanting the mobile laundromatte to come to me and spend a day chained to my machines to catch me up…


In May I have decided to do the following… I am going to suggest to find 1 item a day that you no longer need or use, that you can give away, toss out or donate. Of course you can do a major declutter as we go, but for me I am going to aim at 1 item a day.

Each morning I will give you an area to find this item from.

Here is where I need your help. If I forget to post this then I will need someone to remind me or ask where the area is for the day..

This will mean 31 less items to worry about at least by the end of May..

Whos in?


9 thoughts on “My May Challenge

  1. I am much like you in this aspect: a fantastic starter and not so great finisher! I’m with you! Not sure I have 31 items left as have become pretty brutal about getting rid of stuff recently but will see!

  2. I’m in! Decluttering is something that I really struggle with and one item a day seems manageable. It will be great to have the support of knowing that others are doing it too.

  3. I have been decluttering one item a day all this yeat, after a blitz of 100 items in December before Xmas (4 a day). It has been so successful, cathartic, and enlightening. I am sharing the whole process over on Facebook as ‘Less is More’ if you want a look!

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