No alarm needed in this house

Last night we had dinner at our friends house who we havent caught up with for several weeks, since well before the holidays. They have a daughter in our daughters year and a son in our sons year and a younger one. There are fights and giggles, tears and laughter always in the same night when we get together as 2 families.


Last night when it was time to go the normal begging to stay began.. Miss 7 has tried to sleep there a couple of times but has ended in tears and midnight collections. Last time she called me on their phone in tears without either mum and dad knowing…. I guess it is good that she knows her home number.. But I then had to call back to wake the house as she wanted to go home :S

I remember I never use to like sleeping away from home and when I was little and I would call home to ask if I could sleep the night. I would always changed the conversation my end and confuse my parents..
Oh ok mum, I will see you soon when you come and get me…. I would say down my end of the phone…

So while the girls were organising their sleep over Mr5 & his 5 friend hopped in our car and buckled up their seat belts ready to head to our place. This was this fellas first time away but he was super keen….

So a story was read & they both fell asleep in a heart beat after deciding to sleep Top & Tail in the same bed…. What ever works and makes you feel at ease I say..

By 5.30AM! I didnt even get the think of the success, as I was woken to 2 giggly cheeky boys, playing with the puppy and running through the house…
So by 6am I told them both to jump in the pool and have some fun.. Lucky we live in the tropics.

Dried, reclothed and comfy on the lounge they are now watching cartons…

Yeah to our success here and to also not having to do a midnight run to save our daughter as I didnt hear from her… So she survived also!


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