May challenge – Day 2 – Entrance area

At the moment I have had a collection area where we have been putting clothes that Miss 7 & I have been sorting. She is at a change over age and so this pile at the moment grows fast. She has been given a variety of clothes, some sligtly bigger but she loves them all and wants to wear them NOW!! So because of this the area at our entrance has gone ferral.

I also have a shoe cabinet there but it also isnt holding the shoes in it, they seem to of escaped.

This is the Old look of this same area 12 months ago..

I must say it makes a difference now having a tidied front.
A cleaned off door mat.
A tidy organised entrance.



I have tossed from here
A bag of clothes to pass on
A dance outfit to pass onto a girl in our sons class to encourage her to dance
A bag of crap?
I have put all my recipe books together in a plastic box(need to sort them and find a new home)
I have a place for our caps, in the box on the floor
I also tossed a couple of pairs of shoes
I vacuumed up gallion dead flying ants

What did you de clutter today?


4 thoughts on “May challenge – Day 2 – Entrance area

  1. Ok this is going to take awhile, i threw out a few bits, returned all the toys back to their own homes, and tidied up the general mess but there’s still some sorting to do

  2. I sorted my CD’s. #1 Son gave me 2 storage boxes and lots of sleeves. I took the CD’s out of their jewel cases, placed them in the sleeves,bought more sleeves, sorted and labeled and now they take up MUCH less space. Hmmm… I’m on a roll, DVD’s next? Went to the store to find more storage boxes but our store doesn’t carry them so #1 Son will have to buy me more.

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