Day 30 – 30×5 Organize-athon

Day 30 !!

Get Organized Mindset Shift #2: Make It A Habit To Avoid Clutter

21 Days makes a Habit – I know I have gone off track and caught up in bursts here and there but I have completed this 30 Day Challenge… I did think when first starting this that it would be another one of my THINGS that I start and then dont complete.. But on day 31 I have spent a lot of time typing up andsorting photos where I can manage so that by the end of this day I will be in the scope of finishing this task fully and completely on time.

These challenges are 5 minute tasks that are just that – 5 minutes. Letting go of any form of being perfect and just getting something done. I am an all or nothing type person. If it is clear a bathroom cupboard I will do them all. If it is sort out the glasses I will be extreme.. So for me 5 minutes was never ever the time span….

I then added in this crazy idea to blog about each day as I went. This was my justification to myself that I was getting things done and sorted. So again this takes time and energy….

OH YES – in there out of the 30 days I think I have spent about 21 or more of these days with out DH around…
AND school holidays were in there!!
With 2 family birthdays
AS WELL AS Easter !!!

So before the month began I thought I already had way too much to do – but as they say – give a busy person a job if you want it done as they will fit it in.

I have done a full List of all the Tasks – linking back to the sites direct posts as well my details so at anystage jump a board and I would love to hear your stories as would Michele I am sure.

I am very grateful that this chalenge came along as the house is now staring to look better !! Thanks Michele

30 x 5 April Organize-athon Challenge


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