What makes a blogger??

We all have our favorite pages that we follow.
Some with huge follower numbers. Some who get great gifts to give to give away from PR companies.
Some do guest posts.
Some even get to travel to amazing parts of the world and write about it.

Me? My blog is about me. Never has a PR company sent an email request. Never have I (although I have wanted to) travelled to or attended a bloggy do.

Infact in some way I am much more low key than other bloggers, in some way out of the “in crowds” circle even though I follow most of them.

I have been on this island now for 4 days, leaving tomorrow and I can finally breath. It has taken this long to see the huge pressure I have been under. That I put on my self. I am like the glue that stretches and holds everything together.. But it was not working well..

Up until arriving here the pressures behind the scenes were huge (but thats another blog )

So today with the fog clearing in my head I have come to this conclusion. Although I am not the flashest of bloggers on the block, I keep it every day and life like.

I thank each of you for your support endlessly and great advise especially with my new love of cooking..

Today I can hear the birds.
Today I can hear the waves.
Today I can see the Island beauty..

Although tomorrow we go home and it has taken me this long to settle my overwhelmed feelings, I am thankful that with VERY limited internet access it has given me time to realise this..

Enjoy my island experience..






Check out this great boat moored off the beach!!


Slippery slide and all!!


One thought on “What makes a blogger??

  1. Oh beautiful! Which Island are you on?
    I’m the same as you. I blog about me and everyday life, don’t go to bloggy do’s or receive pr emails. I like reading your blog when I can.
    Hope that you don’t get anxious about returning back to a busy life! Just remember your new perspective now which should relieve some pressure. And there’s always cupcakes. 🙂

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